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Why should the government or anyone else direct what happens with your estate assets? Why should a court, a stranger, or someone other than your choice make the medical and financial decisions for you if you become sick and incapacitated? Why should anyone other than your spouse, life partner, or the one you choose make the decisions about your illness, hospital visits, your funeral and what happens to your estate?

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Ronald J. Cappuccio, J.D., LL.M.(Tax) is a tax and business attorney practicing since 1976. Ron is a Graduate of Georgetown University, the University of Kansas and the Georgetown University Law Center. He also studied at Exeter University, UK.

Ron protects business and individual taxpayers from IRS Audits, Tax Collections (including bank levies, wage executions) and IRS Appeals. Employee vs. Independent Contractor Issues, Manufacturer, Pharmaceutical and Restaurant and Pizza audits are a special area of emphasis.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Errors in Estate Planning - #2 - Do It Yourself

There are many online forms and Will programs. Most are inexpensive. "Why should I pay a lawyer when all I want is a Simple Will?" In more than 35 years of practice, no one has asked for a Complex Will!

The truth is deciding what to do, and the best financial and tax choices, is far more difficult than the document preparation. It is not a matter of filling out a few forms. Thinking and planning is required. Similar to constructing a building, if the blueprint is for a ranch style home and you wanted a 2-story colonial, it does not matter how cheap the blueprint is. It does not meet your needs.

Avoid shortcuts. It is much easier to have your Estate Plan done right than have your heirs incurring the confusion and expense of a form document.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Errors in Estate Planning - #1 Not Starting

The biggest error most people make is the failure to actually sit-down with your tax and estate planning attorney and at least prepare a Will. There is always an excuse - "we can't agree on..." "I have to straighten out my finances" "I don't have enough" "as soon as I lose weight"(really, I've gotten this one every year!)

The result is the same; more than 70% of Americans die without a will. This causes the government to decide where their assets will be left. It also results in paying money for Executor's Bonds and leads to confusion and fights.